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Sperm Observation Kit for Smartphones

Of all couples having problems with fertility, roughly half of the causes lie with the man. Have you ever thought about how healthy your sperm is?

With our experience in sexual health and wellness, we have launched a Sperm Observation Kit for Smartphones!

Take the first step a man can take towards pregnancy planning, or simply get to know your body better.

*This is not a medical device, so if you notice anything unusual with this kit, we strongly recommend you contact a medical professional.

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Observation Tips for the TENGA MEN'S LOUPE

Adjusting lens and Smartphone

  • The underside of the Magnifying Plate has adhesive stickers. Remove the protective film and press lightly against the Smartphone to attach.
  • If you have trouble finding where to place the Magnifying Plate, please watch your Smartphone Screen and ensure the center of the magnified image aligns with the center of the screen.
  • Use the front-facing camera, and ensure the Smartphone is placed on a flat, level surface.
Adjusting Image Quality…
  • Make sure there is only one light source. We recommend an LED spotlight.
  • Ensure the camera is facing the light source. Adjust distance between camera and light source.
  • It may be difficult to observe under daylight. Please ensure the room is dark and there is only one light source.
  • If the Magnifying Plate is dirty, please clean with a soft cloth or cotton swab and ensure it is dry.
To Adjust Focus…
  • Ensure there is no space between the Magnifying Plate and Observation Plate. Ensure magnets are firmly connected.
  • If your Smartphone is not focusing, tap the screen to auto-focus.
  • Observation is possible with only a small amount of semen. Image may blur with too much semen so please adjust by removing small amounts.

If the Front Camera image is difficult to see...
  • Using the back camera allows you to view images at a higher resolution. (Resolution may differ between Smartphone models.)
  • Smartphone specs and Observation conditions may affect the image.
*Sperm conditions change with body condition and conditions of observation - observe separate samples over several days.

Size (D × W × H mm): 127 × 113 × 21
Weight (g): 48

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